SMS Parking SIM Payment

How it works?

By sending an SMS message containing vehicle registration number to the zone number (eg. 8212) a user is initiating a parking.

The system receives users message, checks the credit of the users SIM card and then if credit is valid, initiates parking.
After that, a confirmation SMS is being sent to users mobile phone.

Confirmation SMS contains informations about parking and it is a parking ticket.

About 5 minutes before parking is going to be over user will receive notification SMS message about this.

At that time, if no time limitation on zone has been reached, he will be able to extend his parking right by sending another SMS message.

Parking control

We have also developed a wml application for parking control. It works with most of the mobile phones or devices with internet access.

When a browser is pointed to the appropriate URL a 'Login' screen appears.

Once a operator has logged in a screen for choosing parking appears. (image skiped) After he enters numeric ID of the parking he is going to work on, a screen with the input text field for registration number appears.

Once a registration number is entered, operator click on the 'Check' (Provera) button and a result is being displayed.